Bemoaning or just moaning?

Roy Hodgson seems to be doing a great deal of ‘bemoaning’ at the moment. Various press agencies have reported various incidents of or related to ‘bemoaning’ and they are on the increase. In the last 24 hours alone Roy has bemoaned the FA Cup draw and Carragher’s injury. There was some heavy duty bemoaning about Liverpool losing their lead at White Hart Lane and rather smaller scale bemoaning about injuries. Jose Mourinho was also referenced as proof of the legitimacy of some of his bemoans. The list goes on.

Bemoaning the yellow shirts?

‘To bemoan’ is an oft-used yet really rather telling verb in the world of football. Can’t we just say he is moaning? No, no he cries – for I am bemoaning. I am lamenting my unfortunate situation and letting you know that it’s not my fault. The problem with too much bemoaning is that eventually it doesn’t wash anymore. One can over-bemoan. The point here is that Roy Hodgson looks increasingly desperate in his job and is, it seems rapidly losing even the supporters who called for calm but a couple of months ago. Constantly bemoaning leaves the team bereft of leadership and transfers itself to the players – ‘poor me’ syndrome is not conducive to success in any field. Roy is heading down the wrong path.

As a neutral in this story, I feel a great deal of sympathy for Hodgson, he seems to be being used on multiple fronts. The new owners can keep him in the job, citing the need to ‘get to grips with the club’ whilst using him as the proverbial criticism magnet for a while. Hodgson has become the last remaining vestige of the Hicks/Gillett debacle, and though it is’t his fault, he simply can’t shake off that association. He has seemingly become the icon of Liverpool’s descent into the ordinary, the image of averageness and the living proof that something, somehow has gone wrong. Let’s make one thing clear, it’s not his fault, but he has to go.

But go gently, Liverpool. He seems a good man, and Hicks and Gillett weren’t his fault. Yet Roy Hodgson has two options here – the one he is taking at the moment and the better one. His current behaviour is that of a condemned man desperately saying anything to buy leniency and a last minute pardon. Far better to take his sentence with the indominitable class he has shown throughout his career and move on, clear in the knowledge that he took the wrong job – at the wrong time.

Perhaps a big money move back to Fulham? Not sacked, just transferred, yes that’s it transferred. Then everyone is happy – except Mark Hughes – but he’s used to it. Anyway at least it’ll give someone else the chance to bemoan something for a while.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Goodkopbad on November 29, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Great great article and wonderfully written. Hodgson is no demon but as you say wrong club wrong time. Rijkaard please!


  2. Posted by Hodgsonsmum on November 29, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    Just moaning


  3. Posted by theythinkitsallover on November 29, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    Robbie Davids you are a man of lyrical might. you are a man who defines sexual wordiness. Your words flow like the proverbial rhine. I love you robbie davids.


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