Big Sam Stuffed And Packed Off For Christmas

For two men clearly used to doing away with bloated specimens during the holiday period, the Blackburn owners have followed form and sacked ‘Big’ Sam Allardyce just in time for Christmas. Venkatesh and Belaji Rao made their money from meat processing, bought the club for about £50 million and then sent their prize cock straight off to the abattoir. Poultry specialists really should know better than to get so much egg on their own faces.

Football's Own Factory Farmer

But you have to break eggs to make an omelette, and the proverbial roasting they are receiving from the press and other managers seems a tad overcooked. The reaction to Allardyce’s sacking has been rather bafflingly sympathetic. Allardyce in fact has a great deal in common with his old Indian paymasters, as his teams indulged frequently in their own brand of factory farming. Overcrowd a box, take away any sense of freedom and beauty from the process, and wait for something to come of it. And then deny there is anything cruel in your methods. Live by the sword, die by the sword Sam.

One has to look seriously at whether mourning of the loss of Sam Allardyce is a tad hypocritical. He has been roundly criticised for his anti-football approach to the game and his sides have regularly been cited as examples that, actually, it’s not ALL about results. Bolton are still struggling to shake off the image that Allardyce created of them – and even though Owen Coyle’s side are playing wonderful football at the moment it’s still hard to think of them as anything other than exponents of the wonderful game of moon ball. Allardyce made that club synonymous with lump it, lump them, everyone can lump it football. Maybe, just maybe the Rao’s don’t want that.

Many have compared this to the Hughton sacking, I would disagree. Hughton attracted sympathy because he was used and controlled by Ashley, and the football he played simply isn’t comparable to what Allardyce put out week after week. Blackburn have difficulty filling Ewood Park as it is and Allardyce’s brand of football isn’t exactly going to draw them in from all around. Are the owners perhaps right to think that there is in fact a ceiling on the level of success that a side can have playing that type of football? I suppose we must wait and see what their next step is.

Large scale factory farming has a reputation for cynical drug use that induces bloating and may cause it’s subjects to become delirious, therefore producing sub standard results. That may go some way towards explaining why Diego Maradona is being linked with a move to the club . Watch this space, Ewood Park may soon be renamed the Funny Farm.

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Robbie Davids

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  1. Posted by Moodonthepitch on December 15, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    I have no problem w/ the owners wanting to take the team in a different direction However, cutting off your nose to spite your face is not advisable anytime, especially when the club is far from the safety of relegation.

    Venky’s or Kentaro/SEM Group or both are way to antsy get the ball rolling on their little plan. That’s the issue supporters have. Now they’ve lost any credibility w/ the fans by saying one thing and doing another.

    It’s obvious they have no experience dealing a “sophisticated media”. By that I mean one that will ask any question they please and leave it up to you to decide whether or not to answer it…and how much info to reveal. They are all over the board in these interviews. “We want to wish the fans of Blackburn good luck.” What is that? They need a spokesperson or more media training, because the more crazy things they say the more times they’ll be interviewed.

    Take care!


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